Utility Data Management

Energy Data At Your Fingertips

Achieve operational excellence, reduce energy spend and improve sustainability with Choice! Data Connect

Choice! Energy Management’s proprietary utility data management platform, Choice! Data Connect, combines complex utility data, technology and resource expertise to deliver transparency into energy spend and consumption. This centralized online platform allows large, multi-site organizations to find, track, manage and analyze utility data across regulated and deregulated regions nationwide, while at the same time, assisting clients with their sustainability and cost reduction initiatives.

The cloud-based solution offers:

Full View Analytics
  • Variance analytics for locations, utility services and vendors
  • Customizable dashboard based on specific reporting needs
  • Full range of energy and sustainability reports
  • 24/7 cloud-based availability
  • New features to reveal budget and risk-reducing opportunities through procurement and utility management
Invoice Automation 
  • Receive invoice data from all utility vendors electronically to reveal cost savings, identify use trends and generate financial and operational projections
  • Eliminate billing errors, late fees, improper rate charges, meter read estimates and usage anomalies
Performance Tracking & Analysis
  • Gain critical visibility into energy spend and use trends
  • Use facilities and utility data to set enterprise-wide benchmarks
  • Easily identify outliers to target energy efficiency and sustainability projects
  • Track and identify financial improvements
Resource Financials
  • Reduce time spent managing day-to-day Accounts Payable tasks
  • Implement cost-effective strategies for programs and certifications such as EnergyStar
  • Support informed decision making with detailed cost and utility data across power, natural gas, water and trash

Choice! Data Connect is an accurate and cost-effective solution to help organizations make daily data-driven decisions to improve overall operational performance.

The best way to evaluate the power of Choice! Data Connect is via a free trial. To request a trial, click here.