Engineering Consulting

On-Site Improvements

Lighting Retrofits

LED lighting projects are a popular choice for end-users to save energy costs, while enhancing lighting environments. However, there are many options and vendors to choose from within the industry. That is where Choice! Energy Management shows it value. Choice guides our client throughout the entire LED lighting process to help determine the right vendor for installation, calculating the true return on investment for the project, and ensuring eligible rebates are obtained.

Power Factor Correction

Choice! Energy Management helps to identify facilities being penalized due to poor power factor. Upon identification, Choice quantifies the financial benefit of correction and recommends a course of action.

Transmission/Voltage Upgrade Opportunity

Choice! Energy Management will identify and recommend opportunities for receiving discounted power from the distribution utility through infrastructure ownership. Our recommendation provides a full break-even analysis by recognizing the impact of capital expenses compared to the identified cost savings of the project.