Facility Services

Analysis All The Way To The Meter

Facility Analytics

Facilities located in regulated markets do not have the ability to participate in competitive markets, but this doesn’t mean they are without opportunity. Choice! Energy Management understands that these facilities require the same level of attention as those in deregulated markets. Many of our clients see immediate cost savings through identification of new tariff opportunities, tax exemptions, incentives programs, transmission upgrades, power factor correction, etc. Choice’s knowledge of all North American energy sectors provides an in-depth and fully encompassing energy management strategy built specific to your needs to maximize cost efficiency in these areas allowing you to focus on your core business.

  • Identification of tax and rebate incentives with analytic cost benefit reporting
  • Supply assessment analysis in deregulated markets
  • Direct connect pipeline evaluation
  • Pipeline capacity evaluation
  • Infrastructure upgrade opportunities
    • Power Factor Correction
    • Voltage Upgrades
    • Peak Load Management
  • Utility and/or supply contract review
  • Line item recalculation for electricity and natural gas invoices

Tariff Analytics

Each facility regardless of geographical location is served by a local distribution utility, and accurately navigating the delivery and supply options as they change is an important part of any successful energy management solution. Understanding each facility’s unique usage profile and how that usage pattern impacts cost through the utility tariff can result in significant cost impacts. Choice has the experience to dissect and breakdown complex tariff language projecting future tariff costs and recommending facility specific actions to ensure that clients minimize financial exposure to the utility companies.

Regulatory Support

Choice! Energy Management’s energy experts serve as a client’s back office support. Choice provides the research and analytical support for each account delivering detailed analysis and recommendations following applicable federal and local regulatory filings. A Choice Account Manager guides the client through the ever changing energy landscape whether it’s through analytical support calculating cost impacts or deciding whether to intervene in rate cases.