Market Expertise

Historically, natural gas and power are the two most volatile commodities traded in the world. The inevitable challenges with anticipating demand and storing these commodities create an extremely fast-paced and challenging market to track and, furthermore, anticipate market movements. These characteristics, coupled with changing market designs and regulatory oversight, create good reasons to team up with experts that cover such elements to articulate the rationale and meaning to its client base.

Choice Market Expertise:

  • Choice has over 150 years of combined energy expertise in-house, and hundreds under the OTC umbrella – bringing more experience than anyone else in the energy markets.
  • Choice provides price discovery and transparency across all commodity markets.
  • Choice clients are provided access to in-house market experts continuously in order to select and fine-tune strategies.
  • Choice supplies clients with daily/quarterly market updates based on the client’s requested level of information
  • Choice doesn’t take positions in the market – allowing for price neutrality and unbiased opinions on market direction.
  • Translating and staying in front of regulatory changes for all clients.
  • Choice is in the market every day with a multitude of energy suppliers to create a competitive environment that ultimately yields the lowest cost for clients.