Jeopardy – Green New Deal

By: Chris Amstutz

What better of a way to talk about the Green New Deal than by comparing it to America’s favorite guessing game? We’ve seen talking heads coast to coast debate the merits of this idea to revolutionize the energy grid, many of whom haven’t thought twice about how their iPhone gets charged at night. While the game of Jeopardy operates in fact base questions, there seems to be a lack of understanding about what is truly being proposed in Congress. Choice! Energy Management is not in the business of influencing politics (thankfully), but when politics encroach upon the energy markets, we are obligated to analyze the risks. We may not be Alex Trebek, but we do know a thing or two about energy markets and how the government may affect them.

Category: The State of Green

$200: This is the fastest growing electricity source … “What is, Wind Energy.”

$400: 2018 was equal to this past year for national CO2 emissions … “What is, 1992.”

$600: Since 2005, 66% of America’s total reduction in CO2 emissions has come from the help of this fuel source … “What is Natural Gas.”

$800: This US State has seen the largest generation of non-hydro renewable energy … “What is, Texas.”

$1000: This beer-loving European country has implemented similar, national energy initiatives … “What is, Germany.”

America has taken great strides to reduce its carbon footprint. This has mainly been due to free market natural gas prices becoming cheaper than coal prices, and infrastructure changes will continue to reinforce this.

Category: “Bright” Green Ideas

$400: The 2019 Green New Deal wants the U.S. to have net-zero carbon emissions by this year … “What is, 2030.”

$800: This bovine by-product’s, environmental impact has become a source of mockery … “What is, methane.”

$1200: This type of taxation has been proposed to pay for a Green New Deal … “What is, a Carbon Tax.”

$1600: This amount of technical, grid solutions have been proposed in the Green New Deal … “What is, Zero.”

$2000 (Daily Double): This has been the rumored price tag for the Green New Deal energy changes … “What is, $15-25 Trillion” (Any number will be accepted due to hypothetical nature of the question).

While details are slim in the Green New Deal, opponents argue that the proposal is a non-starter, for we do not currently have sufficient green technology to meet the physical realities of the fluctuating grid (especially without increased nuclear power). Proponents argue that the death of our planet, and the potential for a $500 billion reduction in GDP, due to climate change, make the cost of the Green New Deal irrelevant. Click here for an open minded Twitter thread on the logistics of the topic. The fate of the planet very well could be a question that only Alex Trebek has the answer to.

Final Jeopardy Category: Greener Pastures?

Question: This term can best be used to describe the current conversation about the Green New Deal relating to energy?… (Catchy final tune)… “What is, Symbolic.” At the end of the day, there is no indication that we are nearing the passing of any federal legislation for green energy (outside of existing subsidies). Recently, voters in the state of Washington voted down a proposed carbon tax. Other legislation like the Climate and Community Protection Act (CCPA) proposal in New York, likely has little chances of passing in its current form. The theme of promoting green energy to curb climate change will not be going away anytime soon. All of the current Democrat Party presidential candidates are supporting the federal Green New Deal. As we stand today, any government intervention in the energy markets will likely result in increased prices for consumers. Whether for, against, or indifferent, the talks about green energy have escalated, and Choice! Energy Management will continue to monitor the implications on the federal and state levels.

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