Choice! in the News

The real question [for generators] is not who wins or loses on this heat wave, but rather if producers are able to provide an overall lower price to consumers over many years by letting the market forces act.”

Choice Energy Service’s Risk Management Associate, Chris Amstutz was quoted in a recent S&P Global Platts article about the ERCOT grid. The analysts at Choice Energy Services often get questions from reporters about energy markets, and this is the latest example of our expertise gaining notoriety. As many of our clients know, the recent heat wave across the Southwest brought challenges to the ERCOT grid. The S&P Global Platts article, Demand management is ‘arrow in quiver’ during Texas heat wave, was released July 27th as an informative piece on how the ERCOT grid was aided during the time of crisis. Our analysts began locking long term contracts in the ERCOT market last year to take advantage of historically low pricing, and to mitigate the risk of high pricing events like we have seen this summer. To see what else was quoted in the article you can follow the link if you have access, if not feel free to request a copy from our Marketing Manager, Allison Soffar.