We Manage Your Energy Assets So You Don’t Have To

Choice! Energy Management is a full-service energy management firm that not only focuses on procurement, but also optimum savings and value to our clients. Our a la carte programs give clients the opportunity to determine which services best fit their needs.

  • Strategic Procurement

    Be A Price Setter, Not A Price Taker Using the Energy Action Plan as a guideline, the account manager leads the development of a client tailored procurement strategy. Utilizing our market expertise along with our in-depth fundamental and technical analytics, implementation of a strategic procurement approach allows each client to become a price setter in […]

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  • Risk Management

    Understanding Each Client’s Strategy Beginning with the development of the Energy Action Plan, creation of a client specific risk management strategy is important to identifying goals and objectives at both the corporate and facility level. Once identified, this strategy serves as the blueprint for how your Choice team assists in managing to that appropriate amount […]

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  • Utility Data Management

    Energy Data At Your Fingertips Choice! Energy Management’s proprietary utility data management platform, Choice! Data Connect, combines complex utility data, technology and resource expertise to deliver transparency into energy spend and consumption. This centralized online platform allows large, multi-site organizations to find, track, manage and analyze utility data across regulated and deregulated regions nationwide, while […]

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  • Budgeting

    Develop Data-Driven Budgets Choice! Energy Management develops budgets tailored to each client’s unique reporting requirements. Detailed budgets are available, incorporating several variables such as utility rate or tax changes, while accurately forecasts any non-contractual open positions (electricity, basis and/or NYMEX pricing). Each client can determine the level of reporting they need with account level detail […]

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  • Efficiency Solutions

    Analysis All The Way To The Meter Lighting Retrofits Lighting upgrades to LED reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs for clients. Choice performs turnkey services for the entire lighting project by performing lighting audits, ensuring proper lighting installation, procuring utility rebates and certifying tax deductions. Window Film Upgrading windows with energy saving window film reduces […]

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  • Engineering Consulting

    On-Site Improvements Utility Sales Tax Recovery Predominant use studies are necessary for businesses to be sales tax exempt on utilities used toward exempt purposes. Choice performs the study to determine the percentage of electric and gas used, provide exempt certificates and secure refunds for clients if applicable. Predominant percentages, exempt industries and refund periods vary […]

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  • Sustainability

    Create A Sustainable Future Choice! Energy Management assists in client’s creation or ongoing management of sustainability goals and objectives. Choice! is able to provide EnergyStar reporting through Choice! Data Connect, assist with Renewable Energy Credit (REC) procurement, and aiding the evaluation of onsite renewable solutions where applicable. Knowing the renewable market landscape, and identifying the […]

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