Strategic Procurement

Be A Price Setter, Not A Price Taker

Using the Energy Action Plan as a guideline, the account manager leads the development of a client tailored procurement strategy. Utilizing our market expertise along with our in-depth fundamental and technical analytics, implementation of a strategic procurement approach allows each client to become a price setter in the market. Purchasing your future energy needs based on market timing versus contract expiration gives each client an opportunity to control energy costs in the most efficient and effective manner for their business.

Choice! Energy Management serves clients throughout all North American deregulated power and natural gas markets. Aligning each client’s specific risk management objectives with strategically focused fundamental and technical market analytics provides the information and tools needed to make the most informed decisions about their future energy requirements.

Client Engagement Process

Choice! Energy Management leads its clients through the entire procurement process from identification of the opportunity, through the bid process, to contract negotiation and execution. Every step of the way, Choice’s team will provide the tools its clients need to make the most informed decisions.

Their focus is and will remain to be strategic in the procurement process. Choice does not wait until contract expiration to begin the procurement process. They closely monitor the forward markets to ensure the proper time to start the procurement process, allowing clients to be price setters and NOT price takers.


Strategic vs. Expiration

Choice is continuously monitoring the forward markets notifying clients of opportunities in their respective markets. Choice believes the decision to go to market should be based on the market itself and each client’s applied risk strategy, rather than just looming contract expiration.

Procurement Deliverables

Choice! Energy Management provides full transparency in the procurement process by offering a pricing matrix after the completion of RFP. The Pricing Matrix provides full detail from each supplier offer price, terms requested and additional supplier notes (Credit approval, payment terms, etc.) Additionally, Page 2 of the Pricing Matrix provides a detailed recommendation by Choice! Energy Management. All recommendations are fully supported by market data and research.

Page 1

  • Provides full transparency into the pricing offers
  • Includes contract details to aid in selecting the correct supplier to meet the client’s needs
  • Pricing is auditable to meet SSAE 16/SAS 70 requirements

Page 2

  • Contains the facility specific analytics that led to the recommended course of action for the client
  • Ensures the Choice team to be strategic in all RFP recommendations
  • Created for each competitive RFP for our clients

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