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ERCOT Disaster: MythBusters

By: Chris Amstutz The winter storm of the century in the energy capital of the world has frozen all preconceived notions of the Electric “Reliability” Council of Texas. As the snow melts and the plumbing repairs begin, the analysts at Choice! Energy Management find solace in aiding Texans through these difficult times. With any natural […]

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The Energy Wizards of Oz: Trump & Biden 2020

By: Chris Amstutz Never have we had Presidential candidates with such diametrically opposed energy policies. We have spoken in previous blogs about the intertwined climate/energy policy debate, and now we have been led up to the fork in the proverbial yellow brick road. Will we get behind the Tinman, Joe Biden, and grease the gears […]

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‘Choice! Energy Management’ Announces Purchase Of Majority Stake In Online Platform ‘eAgent.Energy’

‘Choice! Energy Management’ Announces Purchase Of Majority Stake In Online Platform ‘eAgent.Energy’ Latest Investment Will Diversify ‘Choice!’s’ Portfolio Of Technology Solutions For Energy Industry Professionals Nationwide September 16, 2020 (Houston, TX) — Choice! Energy Management, a full-service energy procurement and utility management company, announces the purchase of the majority stake in the platform eAgent.Energy—a cloud-based […]

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Independence Day: The Natural Gas Market

via GIPHY The only thing that could make 2020 more unbelievable would be massive alien saucers hovering over major US cities. COVID-19 continues to linger, election rhetoric is heating up, and NYMEX Natural Gas just broke the record for its LOWEST MONTHLY PRICE SETTLEMENT IN 25 YEARS. With the July contract settling at $1.495/MMBtu, preconceived […]

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Energy Markets in the Tunnel of Terror

“There’s no earthly way of knowing.. which direction we are going.. there’s no knowing where we’re rowing.. or which way the river’s flowing” Oh how fast everything can change in our new modern world! A month ago we were innocently dissecting theoretical outcomes of political energy agendas, and now we are quarantined in our homes […]

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